Recipe Index

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*=gluten free

Bread, Pastry & Sweets:

Apple Galette (rustic French apple pastry)

Blueberry Bread w/ Hazelnut Crumb Topping

Banana Bread w/ Raspberry Jam and Macadamia Nut Crumble

Challah (notes, tips + recipe link)

*Cherry Almond Gluten-Free Cookies

*Chocolate Chip Scones with Nutella Whipped Cream

*Chocolate Coconut Almond Bars

Chocolate Peppermint & Marshmallow Bark

Chocolate Stout Brownies w/ Salted Caramel Whipped Cream

Creamy Cheesecake Tarts w/ Guava Swirl

Date Nut Bread

*Earl Grey Poached Pears w/ Whiskey Pecans & Maple Whipped Cream

Fig Butter & Nutella Challah

*Gluten-free Thumbprint Cookies w/ Raspberry Jam

*Gluten-free Pumpkin Cheesecake

*Lemon Rosemary Tart

Pear & Buckwheat Muffins w/ Coconut Crumble

Roasted Pepper & Mozzarella Toast

Rosemary Focaccia


*Warm Cinnamon Apple Dessert

Breakfast & Brunch:

*Asian Pear Bowl w/ honey and hazelnuts

Blueberry Coconut Muffins

*Blueberry Sun Butter Smoothie

*Chai Quinoa Oatmeal

Dirty Chai Latte Scones

Egg Tartine with Naan

*Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich (could be made GF with gf bread)

*Heirloom Tomato Frittata

Pear & Buckwheat Muffins w/ Coconut Crumble

Ricotta & Plum Toast

Sourdough & Rye Strata

*Strawberry Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

*Superfood Smoothie


*Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Espresso Vodkatini

*Ginger Chamomile Sparkler

*Green Tea Smoothie

*Pomegranate & Herbal Sparkling Tea

*Strawberry Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

*Superfood Smoothie

Main Courses:

*Broiled Salmon w/Shaved Carrot Salad

*Coconut Quinoa + Roasted Vegetables

Curry Soba Noodles

Fresh Vegetable & Hummus Plate

Fruit & Nut Couscous

Lemon Garlic Pasta w/ Swiss Chard

Roasted Pepper & Mozzarella Toast

*Shredded Kale Salad w/ manchego, almonds and nectarine

*Sweet Fig & Goat Cheese Quinoa

Swiss Chard & Mushroom Galette


Winter Stew

Salads, Sides, Snacks & Spreads:

*Caramelized Fennel

*Caprese Salad w/Balsamic Reduction

*Cherry Almond Gluten-Free Cookies

*Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Date Bar

*Endive Cups w/ Goat Cheese, Strawberries & Champagne Dressing

*Fig & Nut Bar

*Fresh Chopped Dijon Balsamic Salad

*Gluten-free Herb Crackers

Guinness Fig Spread

*Hazelnut Fig & Chocolate Energy Balls

*Honey Flaxseed Almond Butter

*Kale Salad w/ Lemon & Parmesan

*Lentil Salad w/ Roasted Garlic Dressing

*Peanut Butter & Date Bites

*Quick Roasted Carrots

Rosemary Focaccia

*Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

*Roasted Lemon Chutney

*Roasted Pepper Sauce

*Roasted Potatoes & Kale

*Shaved Carrot Salad

*Shredded Kale Salad

*Stuffed Avocado

*Stuffed Apricots w/ Mascarpone & Raspberries

Sun-dried Tomato & Feta Pizza Bites

 *Superfood Bars

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