jacqui-blog-headshots003-copyHi, I am Jacquilyn and I LOVE food. Smelling banana bread baking in the oven, chopping fresh vegetables for a salad, zesting a lemon, and shaving chocolate all bring a smile to my face. I feel at home in the kitchen. When I have a bad day at work, I find solace in the kitchen.  Some of my best memories are sitting around the dining room table eating delicious food and laughing with my friends and family. When I was young, just beginning to cook and stumble my way through the kitchen, my mom encouraged me 100% even when I burnt the toast and cut her grapefruit the wrong way (vertical instead of horizontal, woops!).We moved past these blunders and curious looking dishes that I sometimes labeled “potions” into actually being able to enjoy the food I made. It brought me so much joy to be able to bring my friends and family together to share a meal. This joy as well as my appetite has fueled many years of recipe testing (some great, some awful) and reading cookbooks before bed.

I fell in love with Italy while studying abroad in Rome and dreamed of returning to learn more about Italian food and culture. My dream came true when Lucia of Villa Lucia welcomed me into her life (after several e-mails of me trying to convince her it was a great idea) and allowed me to be her culinary intern for her cooking classes in Tuscany. Dream life. I know. It was ridiculously picturesque and filled with incredibly delicious food and fun, interesting people. After I returned from my food-filled trip, I took the plunge and moved to Los Angeles to follow my dream of cooking and learning as much as possible outside the classroom. I am now a full-time private chef and my days are filled with cooking, baking, recipe testing (and tasting) and talking to people about new restaurants to try. If you have any recommendations, send them my way please!

Some of my favorite cook books and food related books like Michael Pollan's "Food Rules"

Some of my favorite cook books and food related books like Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”

I loved my work as a health coordinator with HealthCorps. I got the opportunity to teach high school students about fitness, nutrition and mental health. My students challenged me and taught me lessons in return. I became more clear with myself about my values in regards to my own health and how I wanted to treat my body. Over the course of two years I discovered that I felt most connected to students during cooking classes. I felt like they were actually listening to what I was saying and they didn’t mind the nutrition information folded into the lesson when good food was involved. Cooking, eating and sharing stories with my students impacted my life forever and inspired this blog. My experience opened my eyes to the way that I connect best with people and fueled my passion for sharing my kitchen experiences with others. So, this blog aims to document my journey of navigating life in my 20s and maintaining a healthy and fun lifestyle through: healthy eating + indulgences+ exercise +love + adventure + conversations with other foodies and health enthusiasts.


Besides cooking, I also enjoy yoga, pilates, hiking, dancing and most forms of exercise, reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends, so you can expect to see posts about these things too!

E-mail me! I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at: jacquilyninthekitchen@gmail.com

* All photos and recipe content, unless otherwise stated, are my original work. Please do not use my original recipe without linking back to my website. If you would like to use my photos, please e-mail me and ask. Thank you.


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